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Posted by Spencer Shell on March 31, 2015

I recently had a co-worker ask me about some of my favorite gadgets that help enhance my life. As I started to write the list and send links I realized that (holy moly) I have a ton of internet interconnected gadgets and devices. So I thought I'd share whats been working for me and what some of my favorites are.


Get the Nest →

Enter the Nest. The Shell household is about to get reaaallllyyy energy efficient. The Nest Theromostat was a recent purchase I made as I was moving into a new house. I was very impressed by how easy it was to setup and wiring it up to my home system made me feel like an electrical wizard. It comes with a relatively easy mounting kit and very easy to follow instructions. Probably took me 45 minutes to install myself (you have to be very careful about not crossing wires, I highly recommend turning off your breaker before attempting to install). Once I got it hooked up to my internet and connected to the thermostat with my iPhone 6 - I was amazed at the powerful features and control I had over my climate. It was also amazing to hook it up to IFTTT with a lot of other devices mentioned in this post.

Scout Alarm

Our home is wired with ADT but I couldn't bring myself to pay for the ridiculous lengthly monthly contract and wanted a solution I can easily take with me from place to place if we were ever to move.

Chromecast TV

Our home has a smart TV with Chromecast, this makes it incredibly easy to watch shows and movies with Chromecast compatible apps or fling anything up to the TV that we have open in Chrome.


Never lose anything again.


Keep eyes on the pooch.

FlexSmart x3

flex smart x3 compact

The perfect car companion for taking calls.