Skookum Nightshift

Design and Development

Posted by Spencer Shell in 2017

Skookum Nightshift is an intensive 14-week program that teams participants up to build a real digital product from conception through launch with the help of industry experts, mentorship and hands-on experience.

I pitched an app idea and built a website around it called Concurrent. Concurrent is an idea to help the hearing impaired use the computing power of their cell phone to be able to live life and have normal conversations in day to day life through real time transcription.

Even though my idea didn't get chosen as a project to work on, we designed, built and launched a React Native app based around dog friendly locations.

Who Let the Dogs In helps you find dog-friendly drinking establishments where you can hang out together and meet other dog-human duos.

The pitched idea — Concurrent

The react native app we built - Who Let the Dogs In

Code is on github